2021 Grand gathering Ride


Welcome to the Widow's Sons East Coast Ride to the Grand Gathering page. Active members of the Widow's Sons, have planned routes and coordination is being worked by several Grand Chapter jurisdictions along the eastern seaboard.
A Maryland chapter of Fratres Luminis are spearheading the origination point out of the Maryland area. Several collection points, along with possible Masonic visitations are planned starting Day 1 through arrival in Woodstock,. IL.

Join Widows Sons chapters from across the country and meet along designated collection points of the ride, as identified on this web site. Daily riding to each destination will average about 360 miles per day - to accomodate those new to long distance riding, first-timers and old-timers alike. Safety and enjoyable riding is the goal. Rest stops, designated stop-over hotels and collection points will be established. Plans are for Masonic visitations and brotherhood at each evening layover. Detailed discussions about the gathering can be found through the LINKS page. This will be an epic Widows Sons event!

This site's primary purpose is to provide reliable information on plans for a gathering of Widows Sons riding from Washington, DC to the Widows Sons Grand Gathering. Due diligence will be applied to provide as accurate data as provided from you, the participants. No guarantee is provided on this information but all attempts will be made to be accurate. Content here is targeted for Freemasons who are members in Good Standing of the Widows Sons Masonic Riding Association, and all other Masonic riding organizations, such as Low Twelve Riders, Ruffians, Masonic Riders International, etc. However, all are welcome to join us for our ride to Woodstock.

The Widow

August 31 - September 1, 2021

East Coast Ride to Grand Gathering

Maryland Kick-off point TBD, KSU 08:00 AM

Click Here for PDF Summary of Primary Route

Please SEND EMAIL about regional plans, routes, meeting points, lodging, contact info, etc.

Primary Routes

The primary route westward will have stopping and gathering points along the way. Those riding from other parts of the country – NE, SE, South, and Mid-Atlantic – are encouraged to join along the route at any point. Publishing of departure/arrival dates, ride plans, gathering points, overnight layovers, etc., will be posted on this site. It is hoped that having this information in one location will better enable others to plan and execute their similar rides in 2020.

Go to LINKS page to download information files.

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